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Quotes I called this company when the trains broke down after work, and I was stranded downtown. It was at 5:27pm, and the dispatcher told me it would be 10-15 minutes. After 30 minutes of the initial call , I was finally able to get through the line and ask if the taxi was still coming. He got angry, nasty and rude and told me that the cab was on time because it's on his caller ID and declared that I had called him 10 minutes ago. I was talking to him nicely and understand that the cab was trying to get through the rush hour traffic, and I asked him several times what he is so angry about when I was just trying to make sure the cab is coming since I have call history on my phone also, and it indicates that I called 30 minutes ago. At that point, he yelled at me "I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU ANYMORE!!!!!" and hung up. Not knowing if this angry, nasty, rude man canceled the cab after he hung up, I called Star Cabs which picked me up in one minute. Yes, only one minute. Quotes
Forrest B.
Beware of the Angry, Nasty Rude Man

Quotes It's wonderful to find someone who takes personal responsibility for customer care above and beyond any competitors, Henry's service leaves the rest in the dust. The impersonal nature of the rest of the landscape, especially Uber, couldn't even begin to address our sudden emergency needs which for Henry were smoothly and simply handled with superb professionalism and efficiency. My hat's off to you sir, Thanks again! Quotes

Quotes Tremendous customer service! We needed a ride for 11 people to two different airports. Henry took care of every detail with the utmost professionalism and honesty (and he has a great sense of humor, too.) Thank you for helping to ensure our board meeting in Dallas ran smoothly. Quotes
Executive Assistant

Quotes Had the best service with Henry from the airport and have an appointment to make (of course that's when my battery would be dead on my truck) so I called Henry and am set to go! I'll worry about the battery later - thanks Henry!!!!!! Quotes
Erin Kelly
Repeat Customer

Quotes My wife called this taxi service because i was already in the airport getting ready to fly home to dallas. as soon as i landed and turned my phone on they called me to confirm my presence. I was home in no time. driver had a TOM TOM, not sure if thats better than a GARMIN but who cares, great experience! Quotes
Robert McCune
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Booked Henry for a return trip into Dallas last night for dinner. Outstanding service and very punctual. Henry will be our ride of choice going forward - without hesitation!!!! Thanks Quotes
Jim Doucher

Quotes What a great experience I had tonight! Called from Cleveland in the morning and didn't arrive in Dallas until 10 in the evening - Henry was Johnny on the spot and very courteous - THANK YOU HENRY! I will definitely be a repeat customer!!! Quotes
Erin Kelly

Quotes Always on time and professional. If you need to get to the airport on time...Henry is the man to call! Jo does a great job too! Quotes

Quotes After reading some of the reviews about Henry's, I decided to schedule with them to take me for an outpatient surgery. Very professional, prompt, and caring! After I convinced my surgeon to let me take a cab home, I called Henry and he personally picked me up, took me home, and made sure that I made it safely into my home. Thanks, Henry! Quotes
Happy customer

Quotes My husband and I are so glad that we found Henry's cab service on the internet. We noticed that Henry's job and his customers came first before anything else. He was knowledgeable about getting to our destinations as quickly as possible. Henry and Jo, his assistant, patiently worked with us to customize a memorable personalized tour. Under their care we saw everything we wanted to see and more. Henry is a combination of fairness, dependability and a very pleasant person to be around. God bless him for making our trip that much more enjoyable. In the future use of his services, we have already made up our minds to call him. We tell all our friends and family about our terrific vacation, thanks to Henry. Quotes
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